Surya Bonaly
Honorary Member

John Lovejoy has lived in Las Vegas for 28 years. He is married and has no children. He grew up in a small town in Ohio. John attended Nevada State College where he was the Class President of the Student Nursing Association. After five years of studying for his Bachelor of Science in Nursing and with 2 semesters shy of graduation, John left college knowing that he was pursuing a BSN for all the wrong reasons. John has worn many professional hats.  He began his working carrer in Restaurants as a waiter and quickly moved into Management. With this experience he then moved into retail management. He obtained a Nevada Real Estate License and was a successful realtor.  In 2005-2006 as the economy was crashing and Real Estate was plummeting, he purchased a UPS store and after 3 years John realized that he wanted more freedom and sold his UPS store and began purchasing properties at auction then renovating and selling them. John enjoys traveling and spending time with his husband and friends, laughing and making others laugh and having a good time in life. Currently, John is managing his husband's dental practice.  John has been studying the French language for 1 year and is very proud to be a member of the Board of Directors. He enjoys the french language, people and culture immensely and it is his, and his husband's goal to one day retire in France.

Surya Bonaly

Honorary Member of the Board of Directors

Joanne Maioli

Member of the Board of Directors

Marc Zeman is a native of the Boston area and has lived in areas near Geneva, Switzerland, New York, and Chicago, before moving to Las Vegas in 2013.  His appreciation of French language and culture was reinforced with his time living near Geneva and working in Lausanne for four years. Marc began his French language classes with Académie Francophone de Las Vegas in early 2015 and was invited to join the Board (Conseil d’Administration) in February 2016.
Marc has worked his entire career in tax, specializing in international tax.  He has held executive tax leadership roles in various companies; including Deloitte, Philip Morris / Altria, Kraft Foods / Mondelez, and currently with Las Vegas Sands where he is Vice President – Global Tax.  Marc earned degrees from Babson College, Bentley College, and Suffolk University Law School, all in the greater Boston area.  He is an attorney and a certified public accountant.

John Lovejoy

Member of the Board of Directors


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Margaret B. Harp is Associate Professor of French. She received her M.A. and Ph.D. from Tulane University in 1984 and 1991 and her B.A. from Newcomb College in 1982 She joined the UNLV faculty in 1989 She teaches courses on French literature, culture and language. Her publications have appeared in Aevum, Romance Notes, Romance Quarterly, Rocky Mountain Review, and Sixteenth Century Journal  In 2006 she was awarded the Delno West Award for the best paper presented by a senior scholar at the annual conference of the Rocky Mountain Medieval and Renaissance Association.
Recipient of the 2003 Rita Deanin Abbey Teacher of the Year Award, Dr. Harp is the departmental advisor for majors and minors in French Studies at UNLV. 

Margaret Harp

Member of the Board of Directors

Harriet Gagliano has an extensive education and teaching background. Her teaching career spanned from 1967 through 2015. She holds a life teaching credential from the State of California and a current credential K-12 and English in the State of Nevada.  She has taught English Literature and Rhetoric for 30 years in the Clark County School District. Besides Las Vegas Nevada, she has wide-ranging experience in many jurisdictions including schools in Illinois, San Diego, Escondido, and San Jose California; as well as Pensacola.                                                         
She participated in a teaching exchange program in Nogales, Mexico.  Her studies include numerous Universities: The University of San Diego, Alcala Park; San Diego State College; U C Berkeley, San Francisco State College (Sunset District Campus),The University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana and Chicago Campuses, The Universidad de Salamanca, Salamanca, Espana; The University of Utah, Salt Lake, and UNLV.  Her degrees include an undergraduate degree in Film studies and Film Production, Elementary Education, and doctorates in Secondary Education and English Literature. 
 Harriet passions include the Las Vegas Philharmonic Orchestra and the Philharmonic Guild.  She is the immediate past Director of Volunteers for the Philharmonic Guild where she held a position on the Board and a current Membership Drive ombudsman. 
She is currently enrolled in Académie Francophone beginning French Course and is a member of the Pétanque Club of Las Vegas.  She enjoys visiting France, deep sea fishing, horseback riding, cooking for friends, sharing recipes, understanding and enjoying wines of the world, art and museums and literature. 

Harriet Gagliano

Member of the Board of Directors

Board Member Bios

Reporting to the Board and serving as Executive Leadership  of the organization,

Christelle is responsible for all aspects of the enterprise including all day-to-day operations and decision making.  She is the primary contact for the organization for any questions regarding classes, sponsorship, donations and all other matters.

Advisory Board of Directors


Executive Director of Académie Francophone de Las Vegas

Honorary Board of Directors

Krist Walicky

Treasurer of the Board of Directors

Krist is a Founding Family member of the Académie Francophone de Las Vegas.  He attended college at Newcastle University, England and graduated from Richard Stockton College of New Jersey with a bachelor degree in Economics and attended business graduate courses at Temple University, Pennsylvania.  He started with Boyd Gaming Corporation as a Senior Development Analyst in 2000 on the $1 Billion Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa. He is now the Director of Strategic Planning and Development for Boyd where he contributes to the overall company strategic planning, new business growth and development, company acquisitions and operations strategy.  He also recently served on the Board of Directors for Quest Preparatory Academy as Board Secretary, a Las Vegas premiere public Charter schools with four campuses from 2013 - 2015. While studying and living in Europe for two years, he met and later married his French wife in a small village just outside the city of Cognac France.  Krist speaks French at an intermediate level and is currently enrolled in courses with the Académie Francophone de Las Vegas.  In his leisure time, Krist enjoys hiking and kayaking Lake Mead with his wife and son.

Eric Auger, Born in the North of France, Eric Auger built a successful business in real estate in Las Vegas over the past decade.  In 2010 he was appointed Honorary Consul of France in Las Vegas. Consul Auger’s bachelors degree in Hospitality Management has informed his philosophy of customer service in his field of profession.  He is a frequent speaker at international events pertaining to real estate and related topics.

Eric Auger

Honorary Member of the Board of Directors

Appointed Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Sweden in Las Vegas in 2006, Consul Walther holds dual US/Swedish citizenship.  She began her career with the Royal Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 1976 after studies in Switzerland, England and France.Lena became an American citizen in 1984 and traveled with her husband on many foreign Assignments.  She enjoys familiarity with various cultures after living and working in ten countries for extended periods.  Consul Walther speaks seven languages, including fluent French.  Lena studied in Paris in the 1970′s and resided there again in each of the next two decades, when stationed at the American Embassy in Paris. She now utilizes her expertise in International Business Relations as a private Consultant, assisting foreign companies in marketing in the US, as well as assisting companies in European expansions.
Lena Walther

Stamen has been a Nevada resident since 2003. Originally from Bulgaria, after receiving his bachelor degree in Business Administration, Stamen moves to United States to pursue a career in finance. After few years in Retail Management he obtains his MBA from UNLV in 2011. Since graduation, Stamen has been working at Merrill Lynch, heading a successful wealth management practice.

As a francophone for more than 20 years, Stamen has a passion for French language and culture. He has participated in exchange programs in France, UK, USA and China. He speaks Bulgarian, English, French and his latest linguistic adventure is Mandarin. He likes spending his leisure time outdoors with his wife, 2 children and his husky.

Stamen Matev

Member of the Board of Directors

Nathalie Gottschalk

Secretary of the Board of Directors

Nathalie Gottschalk, Esq, has been practicing in all areas of employment- and family-based immigration law since 2003. Nathalie was born in Paris, France and grew up in Quito, Ecuador were she attended a French Immersion School. At 16 years of age, she immigrated to the United States where she studied International Relations and French Literature at the City University of New York Baccalaureate Program. She attended Sorbonne University in Paris in 2001 through a summer program from Cornell University. She then studied law at the University of Utah School of Law. She has gained a solid understanding of other cultures and immigrants' hopes for a successful future in the United States.
Besides her law practice, she uses her legal skills to give back to the community.
She served as the Treasurer for the Nevada Chapter of the American Immigration Lawyer's Association from 2009-2012 and was a member of the Committee for the Client Security Fund at the Nevada State Bar from 2010-12. Nathalie is licensed to practice law in Utah, Nevada and Arizona.  She is also a founding member of the Academie Francophone of Las Vegas, aimed at promoting the French language and culture.  Nathalie is fluent in Spanish and French.

A resident of Las Vegas since 2007, Pauline is the Community Relations Coordinator in the philanthropy department at Cirque du Soleil. Pauline earned her Master’s Degree in Tourism & Business Management in France and then in Germany where she studied and worked. She then followed her husband who got cast in the show “O” from Cirque du Soleil as an acrobat and started her American life. She worked for various productions as an events planner and talent manager and also worked as a translator/private French Teacher before joining the philanthropy team at Cirque du Soleil. Pauline loves to spend her leisure time with her husband and her daughter, cooking, reading and traveling!.

Pauline Fretté

Surya Bonaly is a French-American professional figure skater who competed in three olympics. She is a three-time World silver medalist, a five-time European champion, the 1991 World Junior Champion and a nine-time French national champion. A resident of Las Vegas since 1998, Surya became an American citizen in January 2004. She has toured with Champions on Ice for many seasons.

In Las Vegas she teaches figure skating and is an advisor to the Honorary Consulate of the Principality of Monaco.

Renowned in the Francophone world, Surya is an Ambassador of AMADE Mondiale, a children’s charity headed by the HRH Princess Caroline of Hanover.

Marc Zeman

President of the Board of Directors

A dual (French/American) citizen, Valérie was elected Vice President of the Académie Francophone de Las Vegas after serving as President of France Contact Association of Las Vegas since 2002. Born and raised in Lyon, France, at 16 she became a counselor at Eclaireuses De France (French non-religious branch of Scouts) and shortly thereafter obtained her BAFA certificate, a required qualification for counselors working with children and young people at camp. After two years of studies in BTS executive trilingual secretary college, while gaining experience with children and teenagers, she obtained an International Cultural Exchange Visa to work as a counselor for the YMCA in Tyler, Texas. After four years employed at the International Export Department at the headquarters of Rhône Mérieux (Merial) pharmaceuticals, she resigned to move with her husband to Okinawa, Japan to teach French on the American military base. She returned to the US a few years later for a four-year tenure at KC Publications, a publisher of books on National Parks and Monuments. Valérie followed her spouse’s career to Panama and be a full-time parent during their son’s early years, before returning again to Las Vegas. Beginning in 1998 she was employed at Bio-Green, Inc. in Las Vegas, then at Golfjoy and Golf Overstock, where she presently works in management and internet sales. Valérie has also become a well-known freelance translator, interpreter, and tour guide in Las Vegas.

Valérie Hodson

Vice President of the Board of Directors


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